About us

Communicate, entertain and thrill are the basics of a philosophy that we have been applying for fifteen years now.

We owe our success to the valuable team of professionals who give live to this brand and who gives everything in each project, able to take a simple idea to become a strong and attractive product.

All of these is what we have become today, a strong and committed group of people who work hard day by day and always try to undertake new projects in order to be more innovator, creative and to keep growing on the international scene.

A reward of all this effort are Malacara y El Misterio del Bastón de Roble, a 3D animated short film which has been nationally and internationally recognized and had nominations in Gaudí Awards in 2009 and Goya Awards in 2009, and also Ladrones de Motores which obtained the award as best animated short film in FICCI BAF Awards (India) in 2009.


FICCI BAF Awards 2008 (India)
Best animated short film

Goya Awards and Gaudi Awards

Goya Awards and Gaudí Awards 2009
Nominated to best animated short film for "Malacara y el misterio del baston de roble"

International short film festival Torrelavega

International short film festival Torrelavega 2009
Best animated short film


Nominated to best infographics of Spain 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2009

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